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CH Spencer will repair all styles, designs and manufacturers of pumps.

We also provide and assemble new pumps including base-plates to customer specification.


New Pump Assembly

  • Pump repair.

Custom fabricated bases:

  • Modular to fit multiple motor sizes. So you can scale up as your production grows
  • Retro fit, so you can put a new pump package onto an existing skid or grout platform
  • Rugged skids, and complete pump skid packages for your mobile pumping needs

Pump re-bowls:

  • By using your existing discharge head, and adapting a new pump assembly, you can utilize your existing piping and have a pump that can continue to be serviced into the future.

Sandblasting and coating:

  • We use the latest in epoxy coatings, both NSF quality and industrial quality to minimize corrosion of the pump components and maximize the life of the pump.

Pump seal conversions:

  • From packing to mechanical seal
  • Packed/ or mechanical to “auto-seal” (eliminates packing and mechanical seals for vertical turbine pumps).

Building a custom safety cage for a pump enclosure to protect workers from injury by moving gears and shafts.